Return Policy

Withdrawal from the contract

10.1 The seller is entitled to withdraw from the contract because of sellout, unavailability of goods, or the manufacturer, importer or supplier of the goods interrupted production or make such major changes that prevented the realization of the fulfillment of the seller's obligations under the purchase contract or for reasons of force majeure, or if it after making every effort to be fair to require from him, unable to deliver the goods to the customer within the period determined by these TC or in the price, which is listed in the online shop. The seller is obliged by this fact immediately inform the buyer and return it already paid a deposit for the goods as agreed in the contract of sale within 14 days of the notification of withdrawal and the transfer to the account designated by the buyer. The seller is entitled to withdraw from the purchase agreement even if the buyer has not taken over the goods within five working days from the date when the buyer was obliged to take over the goods.

10.2 The buyer is entitled to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason under the conditions laid down by law no. 102/2014 ("Law on Consumer Protection in Sale of Goods") within 14 days from the date of delivery. The buyer has the right within that period goods unpack and tested the same way as usual when buying a classic store. Tested, however, does not begin to use the product and then return it to the seller. Goods are deemed to be seized by the buyer at the moment when the seller or a third person other than the carrier takes over all of the goods ordered, or if

- goods ordered by the buyer in one order and supplied separately, on receipt of the goods that came last, or if

- supplying goods consisting of multiple lots or pieces, the time of receipt of the last part or piece, or if

- goods are delivered repeatedly for a limited period, on receipt of the first delivery.

10.3 The buyer confirms by making an order, that the seller properly fulfilled its reporting obligations under sec.§ 3.1 of the Law on Consumer Protection in the sale of goods.

10.4 The buyer can exercise the right to withdraw from the contract in paper form or by another durable medium or by the form of withdraval (download) sent to address Puškinova 11, 91101 Trenčín.

10.5 Withdraw from the contract by the form of withdraval shall include the information requested therein and particularly the precise specification of good , date of the order, name and surname of the buyer, address of the buyer, signature of buyer, the way of returning payment, esp. account number and/or address, date. In this case the buyer must send to the seller the goods with the proof of payment in the original package (if that's possible) by send to address Puškinova 11, 91101 Trenčín.

10.6 If the buyer withdraw from the contact, it is terminated from the beginning with any acillary contact.

10.7.The buyer may withdraw from the contract, the subject of which is the delivery of goods, even before the commencement of the period of withdrawal. The period of withdrawal is maintained, if the buyer shall give notice of exercise of the right of withdrawal before the time limit for withdrawal.

10.8 After the termination of the contract the seller to the buyer will return all payments that the buyer demonstrably paid in connection with the conclusion of the contract, particularly the purchase price including the cost of delivery of goods.Payments will be refunded to the purchaser within 14 days from the date when the buyer to the seller received a notification of withdrawal from the contract.Payment will be made in the same way.

10.9 The seller is not obliged to return all payments to the buyer in accordance with paragraph 10.8 these TC before his goods are delivered to the buyer or buyers until proven sending the goods back to the seller. Payment for purchased goods will therefore be paid by the seller to the buyer after the receipt of returned goods back to the address specified in paragraph 10.5 these TC or upon presentation of a document proving sending back the goods, whichever comes first.

10.10 If the buyer withdraws from the contract pursuant to paragraph 10.2 these TC and the seller delivers goods which are used and damaged or incomplete or value of the goods is reduced as a result of such treatment of goods that are beyond treatment necessary, the seller is intitled to request from the buyer the compesation of damage in the value of repair of the goods and placing goods in original condition resp. the seller has the right to require from the consumer to reimburse diminished value.

10.11 If the buyer withdraw from the contract, the buyer shall bear the direct cost of returning goods to the seller or a person authorized by the seller on receipt of goods.

10.12 If the buyer fails to fulfill any of the obligations set out in paragraphs 10.4 a 10.5 these TC, withdrawal from the contract is not valid and effective and the seller is not obliged to return all payments proven in accordance with paragraph 10.8 these TC to the buyer, while entitled to reimbursement of the costs associated with sending the goods back to the buyer.

10.13 The buyer is not entitled to withdraw from the contact, the subject of which is:

- sale of goods made to the specific requirements of consumer, goods made to measure or goods intended specifically for one consumer,

- sale of audio recordings, video recordings, audio recordings, books or computer software sold in a protective case if the consumer that packaging unwrapped,

- sale of goods enclosed in a protective case that is not suitable for return due to health protection or hygiene reasons and protective packaging has been broken after delivery, for example. Products for dental care, accessories for razors, etc.